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Disadvantages of Anal Sex

I don’t understand why people are so crazy about anal sex while God create a place (vagina) for doing sex. Man is so greedy about sex I bet that if God created anus for sex than the man used vagina for ending his sexual hunger. Anal sex is pleasure of a specific time for man but a painful work for a woman. In this post I am telling some Disadvantages of anal sex according to some references.

According to Islam:

Anal sex is prohibited in ISLAM very strictly.

The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) said that the person who will have anl sex (sex from back) with his partner Allah azzo jall will not look at him with mercy on the day of judgement(qayamat).

another  hadith, the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him ) said that the person who will have anal sex with his wife is accused (maloo’n).

Imam Ghazali (AH)  said that anal sex is even worse than having sex during menstruation because this filthy act cause undue pain and difficulty for the woman.

some Disadvantages of anal sex

some Disadvantages of anal sex

According Medically:

Medically you can damage the useful tissue of wife which are very helpful otherwise.and you can be suffer from STD( sexual transmitted disease). AIDS is the disease which resulted through anal sex.

Disadvantages of Anal Sex:

  • Anal sex may also increase the risk of anal cancer if certain high risk strains of HPV are passed
  • The bottom is not the cleanest area of the body. So there is a very slight risk that you might get her bowel germs in your bladder or prostate
  • This could lead to an increased risk for passing gas (farting)
  • It can become cause of anal cancer

So according to these disadvantages of anal sex we should leave this habit and should do pure sex which can make pleasure for both not source of pain J

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