Tuesday , 26 May 2015
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5 Top Exercises to Improve Heart Health

It is vital to exercise regularly to ensure that you are as healthy as possible. The body functions much better when it is getting a regular work out, especially a person’s heart. Here is a look at six exercise strategies that will improve your heart health.

1. Circuit Training

Circuit training is a great way to get in a lot of exercises in a short span of time, and it is also fantastic for your heart. Circuit training involves high intensity periods of training, a quick rest, and then different exercises with equally high intensity. This intensity causes blood to pump harder in your body, which stretches the arteries and improves cardiovascular health.

2. Lane Swimming

Swimming in general is considered a great work out, but casual swimming is only said to be beneficial for those who are extremely unfit. For others, it is best to swim regularly in lanes. The discipline required to swim in lanes, along with the rigors of the workout, are great for the heart. Freestyle is the best style to choose, because it involves a lot more motion than any other swimming style.

3. Weight Training

Not only does weight training improve a person’s metabolism for the next 24 hours, but it is also great for the heart. Those who are worried about heart disease are always told to ramp up their weight training. Now this does not mean that you have to lift huge weights in order to protect your heart. Doing more reps with lower weights can be just as effective.

4. Running

Running is one of the best cardiovascular fitness exercises out there. Running in intervals is actually the best way to work your body and to strengthen your heart. Doing sprints for ten seconds, followed by ten seconds of rest, and then repeating the exercise is the best running work out.

5. Yoga

Yoga is an underrated exercise. Many think that yoga is just a way of relaxing, but it is a very strenuous work out when done properly. Many professional athletes swear by yoga as a way to improve their flexibility, avoid injuries, and elongate their careers. Yoga is great for the heart and all of your muscles. Instead of going to the Mt. Vernon Pharmacy to buy drugs for your heart, it is better to start a healthy exercise regime, and yoga can be a huge part of that.

Getting your heart healthy may seem daunting for someone who is extremely unfit. However, exercise is a gradual process. By starting each of these activities at a modest level, you will give yourself the chance to build up to a solid amount of exercise each week.

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Karleia Steiner is a freelance blogger. Maintain your heart health by proper diet, exercise and taking any prescribed heart medications.

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